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Diamond pastes have an extensive range of applications, due to which they`re highly suitable for lapping and polishing the surfaces of hardened tools such as injection, blow molding, cutting, and bending tools, which are hardened up to 60 – 62 HRC. Generally is possible to achieve surface quality in Ra 0.01 and better with them (surface roughness in microns according to DIN EN ISO 4287, ČSN EN ISO 4287).



With diamond pastes, is also possible to hone shaped holes, and holes, with achieving mirror polishing quality of the processed surface. You will find a wide selection of diamond pastes in our offer (KEMET, CZECH, JAPANESE), from which you will surely choose the right one. Which direction to use in a selection of diamond pastes, you can be read further in this article. Anyway, if you`ll need advice for your application, don`t hesitate to contact us, or you can also use our professional training service for polishing oriented to your polishing needs or polishing up to mirror shine.

Thus which direction should you use in the selection of diamond pastes for achieving maximum efficiency, and the highest quality together with adhering to surface geometry for your polishing application?

From our experience of polishing, we recommend to you KEMET diamond pastes. We believe that you will favor these diamond pastes for finishing operations of functional surfaces of tools, injection molds, nozzles, dies, metallographic cuts, and many others. The British company KEMET is the world’s largest producer of diamond pastes in the world and is characterized by the exceptional quality of its products.


KEMET diamond pastes are the top leader in grinding, lapping, and polishing pastes. This is given by several factors: diamond grains have the highest hardness and cannot be destroyed by standard work processes, and the selection of the size of diamond grains is significantly more accurate than other types of abrasives, such as corundum or silicon carbide. So-called these pastes do not scratch (one larger element in the paste is enough and the surface is scratched). 

Compared with other manufacturers of diamond pastes, KEMET also optimizes the binder in their diamond pastes to ensure optimal removal from different types of materials. Thus if you want polish parts, such as injection molds of the highest quality with adhering high demands for maintaining the geometry of the surface, definitely choose KEMET diamond pastes.

If you would like to compare diamond pastes from different manufacturers, you can follow this procedure, for example:

– What is the smallest grain size offered by the manufacturer of diamond pastes?
(This parameter is very important for assessing what is the exact selection of diamond grains the manufacturer is able to achieve, which is very important, especially when polishing to a mirror shine) 

– Are on offer different types of diamond pastes for different types of materials?
(This parameter shows if the binder is optimized for the work of diamond grains)

– With what can the diamond paste be diluted?
Diamond pastes from high-quality manufacturers can be diluted with a special thinner based on water or oil) 

– What is the type of diamond grains and what is their concentration in the package?
   (Not every manufacturer indicates this)

In conclusion, is valid, it`s most important to test diamond pastes in practice. This will show you whether the quality/price ratio of the chosen diamond paste is optimal for your work..

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