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Production, repair of molds and tools

Production of molds and tools:

Our production technology is designed for the production of molds up to 3,500 kg. For our customers, we can be helpful with the production (large/small serial or prototype) of injection, blow molding, molding molds and their parts. Except for standard molds in our mold production division, we also producing cutting, step tools, and bending tools. Our team in the construction department together with our technology department can suggest to you on the model so that the final product can be manufactured and meets all parameters.
We know that every mold production project is unique and that’s why you get a complete “solution for key” from us. Just send to us only a 3D model and we will take care of the rest. If you have only the product, also no problem for us. At MEPAC we will use the reverse engineering process to make for you a complete model for the mold that will produce the product with the appropriate documentation and Moldflow analysis.

Repairs, modifications of molds and tools:

We not only produce molds and tools but also repair them. In our company, we can help you with the complete repair of the mold up to 20 tons (of course, tonnage doesn`t play a role “on-site”).
Within our services, we can help you with many types of repair activities, which we can provide in our plant or directly “on-site” by you.:
– our unique patented laser welding
– standard TIG, MIG welding
– patented micro welding called  “LASE ONE”
– polishing up to mirror gloss
– milling, excavating, grinding, wire cutting etc.
– mold spotting up to 20 tons
– coating
– patterning and repair of existing pattern
We will be happy to train all the mentioned activities to your maintenance employees through the training we provide.

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