We at MEPAC are not just an ordinary engineering company. We listening our customers and employees who have a lot of great ideas. Many of these ideas are given to our designers. The finished design solution we will move to our operations to produce a prototype, which we will test afterward. When we tune all the last details up, we get a product that we can launch on the market. We are proud of the feeling that each of our products from our own development helps our customers in their business and growth.
3D SMART HOLDER is a useful helper that can be used in every company, but also in a home workshop too. What exactly is a 3D SMART HOLDER? It`s a 125-gram weight adjustable magnetic ball and at the same time your third hand with the flat front magnet and with a positioning force up to 16N. It`s used to hold metal objects, but with adding additional accessories, also to hold non-metal objects. It has three degrees of freedom X: 360 °, Y: 230 °, Z: 230 ° which allows you to adjust the 3D SMART HOLDER according to everyone’s needs and thus is able to hold, for example, objects of atypical shapes, such as a semi-arc. By adding another 3D SMART HOLDER you will increase its power and it will hold even complicated objects with a precise grip. 
Adjustable magnets and vices from MEPAC workshop compared to conventional solutions are simply great. Its simplicity and magnet strength up to 80N / cm2 and together with the possibility of positioning, you get a great helper not only for various tool shop operations. Three different designs with diameter 100 mm (weight 3 kg), 130 mm (weight 6 kg), and 160 mm (weight 8.5 kg) thus allow the right choice and settle even the most difficult user.
What can`t be attached with a magnet can be attached with the positioning vice from our workshop. Thanks to excellent handling, stability, and quality of the ball joint, you can clamp all possible types of materials. The vice jaws are equipped with the anti-slip sleeves, which prevent to damage delicate parts when attached. Their maximum opening is up to 70 mm with width 80 mm and height 19 mm, and with a total vice weight of only 3.5 kg.
Ergonomics of work is a natural standard by us, which is an example of the positioning table from the MEPAC workshop. This table is made from iron construction and hardwood, which is built for the load up to 400 kg. In the middle of the table is an adjustable circle, on which it`s possible to attach the workpiece and change the positioning of it. For this purpose in the turn-table are prepared 32 threaded holes. The table has a great storage space and prepared connections, where on the left side is a connection with three quick connectors for connecting air tools and on the right side is an extension socket with 5 single-phase sockets for 230 V. The overall dimensions of the table (HxWxD) 900 mm x 1,400 mm x 750 mm and the thickness of the worktop 40 mm make this table as a useful helper for many activities.
Systems for mold opening are a unique mobile solution for mold opening. These systems provide a unique opportunity to open, close, and manipulate with the mold in a very short time with the maximum safety of workers during manipulation.
The usability of systems for molds opening is great, especially in the maintenance, repair, cleaning of molds, as well as in the preparation and completion of molds for the production. By counting all the benefits such as time savings, easy handling, mold protection, and last but not least, the safety of the staff during manipulating, we`re glad that we managed to develop this great assistant and be helpful in solving mold handling processes. 
Systems for mold opening have many parameters, but the most important is the possibility of manual or electric mold opening and of course the load capacity of the system. We divided the load capacity of the system into these basic most frequently used categories: up to 3 000 kg, 5 000 kg, and 10 000 kg. You can see in the video below how easy it`s to open and manipulate with a mold that has approx. 7 000 kg. 🙂 

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