Principles of protection and processing of personal data

I. Who we are

MEPAC SK, s.r.o., registered office: Kotešová 161, 013 610 Kotešová (Bytča district), Company ID: 36429198 as the operator (hereinafter referred to as the “operator”) guarantees the security and protection of entrusted personal data in full compliance with Regulation no. (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”), and with Law no. 18/2018 Z.z. on the protection of personal data and on amendments to certain acts, as amended.

II. For which websites this policy applies

The Operator operates the following websites to which this Privacy Policy applies:

III. Securing the operator’s website

Website operator used in any connected user and the transmission of any data encrypted SSL connection, which prevents third party access to data transmitted during transmission on the Internet and alteration of such data by third parties. Operator databases containing personal data are protected by encryption and non-public access data in accordance with the latest technical standards.

IV. Cookies

When using the operator’s websites, cookies (small files that track the user’s activity on the website) may be stored on the electronic device by which the user accesses the website. The conditions for storing and processing cookies are as follows:

  • The user always has the option of expressing his / her consent or refusing to store cookies by setting his / her web browser – by enabling or refusing the storing of cookies.
  • In the event of consent (cookies), the user’s electronic device may store:
    1. temporary cookies that are automatically deleted when the user’s Internet browser is turned off
    2. long-term cookies that remain in the user’s browser even after the user’s device is turned off (these cookies can be deleted by the user at any time and deleted automatically after a few weeks or months).
  • At the same time, the user permits the operator to use cookies for his own registration or statistical purposes. The user’s consent lasts while the user’s browser settings are maintained. By changing the user’s Internet browser settings or disabling cookies, the user’s consent expires.
  • The Operator is not responsible for storing cookies on third party websites or for the use of cookies stored on the user’s terminal device by third parties.
  • In case of refusal of consent (refusal of cookies in your web browser) operator can`t guarantee the full functionality of the operator`s websites.

V. Contact details

User during his visit and further use of the operator`s websites may contact the operator and provide him with your personal data for the purpose of re-contacting.

  • Providing personal data is voluntary. In such a case, the legal basis of the processing of the data provided by the user is the legitimate interest of the operator to contact the user and to provide any answers or advice.
  • Personal data which the user can provide the operator are:
    1. name and surname [necessary]
    2. e-mail [necessary]
    3. phone number 
    4. company name (workplace/ employer) of the user
    5. company identification data (address, company ID, VAT number) of the user
  • The purpose. The purpose of processing the user’s personal data is to contact the user back.
  • Duration of processing. Personal data will only be processed for the necessary time during communication with the user. In the case of placing a request or an order by the user, the operator shall enter this data into its information system so that the user can process the subsequent request, order.
  • The accuracy. By voluntarily providing personal data, the user declares that the provided data are correct, true and up-to-date.

VI. Newsletter

User – the person during his visit and further use of the site operator operator may provide your personal information. The user’s personal data may be provided when subscribing to the newsletter voluntarily by using an e-mail address that can be used to identify the user or by voluntarily completing the contact form associated with the selected content of the website. The provision of personal data is voluntary. A prerequisite for the processing of the user’s personal data by the operator for the purpose of sending the newsletter is to give the user’s consent to the processing of personal data to the extent necessary and to send marketing messages, which consent is the only legal basis for the processing of data provided by the user.(e-mail address).
  • To ensure that the operator is authorized to process the personal data provided, the user must express its consent to the storage and further processing of the personal data collected, to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose set out in this Article.
  • DURATION OF CONSENT. The user’s consent under the previous paragraph becomes valid at the moment of voluntary consent by checking the appropriate box in the online form and continues until the user’s consent is revoked. The operator has the right to process the data provided for the duration of the consent.
  • THE PURPOSE. The purpose of the processing of the user’s personal data is to enable the subscription of the requested newsletter (information leaflet) by sending such an operator’s newsletter to the contact addresses provided by the user, especially in electronic form.
  • ACCURACY. By voluntarily providing personal data, the user declares that the provided data are correct, true and up-to-date; The User is obliged to report any changes to his / her provided personal data to the Operator.
  • DATA TRANSMISSION AND AUTOMATED DECISION-MAKING. The user’s personal data will not be disclosed or provided to third parties, nor will it be transferred to countries outside the European Union, nor will the operator make automated decisions to the user.

VII. Information about the rights of the data subject

As a user, you have the right to written or e-mail request to the operator (e-mail:, to request:

  1. Confirmation whether or not personal data processed about you, access to your personal data and information about them, as well as the correction of such data
  2. Limiting the processing of your personal data, especially if it is incorrect
  3. Deleting your personal data, especially if you passed the purpose of processing or have revoked consent to the processing of
  4. Transfer of your personal data to another operator in a structured and machine-readable form.

You also have the right to written notice or e-mail to (

  1. Withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data at any time, with effect from the date of receipt of the notification, if the processing of personal data is carried out on the basis of consent.
  2. If the processing of personal data is not carried out with your consent, to object to the processing on grounds relating to your personal situation or if you suspect that the data is being processed unlawfully.

You also have the right to send a complaint to the Office for Personal Data Protection, as the supervisory authority for the Slovak Republic, to investigate the processing of your personal data.

The rights of the user and / or member may be restricted, if such a restriction results from a special regulation, their application would violate the protection of the user or would violate the rights and freedoms of other data subjects.

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