We actively participate in the field of development of laser solutions, these have brought to us many awards on international exhibitions. Our laser systems solutions comprehensively cover all needs of high-quality laser welding, engraving, hardening, marking, and cutting. Also, we can connect laser solutions with the robotic workplace or a production line.
In addition to selling laser solutions, we providing services directly at the customer or at our site to help our customers to solve their requirements..
As part of laser welding services, we providing welding of damaged shapes from small molds to the largest one (20 tons and more). Also, we providing laser welding of various cutting tools, bending tools, etc..
With our laser engraving and marking services, we help our customers to solve more less any requirement for engraving, whether it`s a description or engraving of logos, date stamps, production of dies, coats of arms, ornaments, etc..
There are no limits with the size and borders, because of our mobile machines and highly experienced staff. 
In addition to laser welding, hardening and engraving (marking) services, other our strong point is also precise laser cutting with an accuracy of +/- 0,05 mm. Here we`re able to maintain a smooth and shiny cut even with a minimum thickness of the cutting gap of 0.1 mm. This is how we can help our customers with the precise production of base planchettes, spacers, etc., which will find application, for example, in robotics, but also in other industries.

ACP laser welding systems have a laser UW power source, which has a higher efficiency of conversion of electrical energy into light energy compared to other lasers and is able to make welding with a welding wire with a diameter of 1 mm. With this, we moving the laser welding solutions to the next higher level. Here the performance of laser welding is closer to TIG welding, but with a completely different depth of penetration and with minimal heat introduced into the welding area compared with TIG welding. In the range of welding materials from 0.2 mm – 1 mm, we significantly accelerating laser welding.

In summary then, our systems have:
    – higher performance, higher energy density, higher penetration layer depth, with less deformation
    – accurate and fast laser orientation and laser positioning
    – the larger working distance between the laser head and the welded position (160 mm and more)
    – you can also weld across materials that are transparent to the laser (glass, crystal, or some plastics, etc.)
    – easy focusing on getting small welding points (from microns to millimeters) and higher energy density
    – for more complicated welding you can connect 4 laser heads to one power source, which allows you to work on one power source as with 4 lasers

Mobile version of ACP laser systems allows precise welding of large tools, workpieces or molds directly on machining centers or injection molding machines. In this way, it`s possible to weld exactly the damaged area, for example to a sharp edge of the parting plane with a minimum input of heat. As a result, there are no deformations of the shapes or changes in mechanical properties such as hardness, etc.. 

Mobility is very important and that is why we have developed mobile laser engraving solutions, they due to their compactness, enable the fast engraving of not only metallic and plastic materials. With an importance on increasing productivity, our solutions are characterized by high accuracy and quality of the engraving. Of course, there`s low power consumption and easy setup using the delivered software “LIGHTER“. The ultra-compact laser head is easy to install, for example, into the production line or inside of devices with space limitations.
The mobile engraving laser system HCP20 is available in variants with 20W or 30W and also in mobile suitcase design is the right tool for mobile laser engraving.  
HCP20 provides you:
     – the new way to grip the laser head
     – better focusing of the desktop together with a pair of red dots
     – ethernet connection
     – allows you to prepare data outside the laser
     – allows you to remotely control HCP20
     – improved manual drives XYZ
     – new motorized drives for laser head adjustment
     – possibility to lock head settings with the button “KEY”
     – UPS and also acoustic signaling

The HXM series is included under stationary laser systems, but with its size and compactness, the HXM 20-COLOR and HXM 20-COMPACT in the mobile suitcase don`t need so much space and are immediately ready for use. HXM 20-COLOR is the first color laser which can engrave in color to stainless steel. It can also engrave black aluminum materials, plastics with high-quality engraving together with low power consumption. The difference between HXM 20-COMPACT and HXM 20-COLOR is thenonly color engraving. Of course, engraving to metal, plastic, etc. is possible. 
The HXP series is just pure stationary laser systems, which engrave with high precision to the:
     – precious metals
     – jewelry
     – medical equipment
     – measuring instruments
     – cabling, or aluminum packages for medicine.
HXP 20-A, HXP 20E and HXP 50 will satisfy all needs of even the most demanding customer and application, with whose needs help.

Our laser systems are also available as cutting systems are characterized by maximum precision.
The YAG and YMRF series are CO2 lasers with perfect a fine description in high quality and efficiency. Applications for usage are, for example, the electronics industry, leather, eyeglasses, automotive accessories, metals, plastics, medical devices, communications, textiles, paper, etc..
The CM30 series is able already with high-quality engraving wood, bamboo, rubber, acrylic, crystal, jade, oxide layers, etc.. If you need applications for leather processing, automatic decorating and cutting, templates for carving, model making, art objects, promotional items, upholstery items, packaging, stationery, or precision metal cutting, then the CMA series is right for you. 

The MCLEAN 200 laser cleaning system is an integrated system that offers a safe, fast, and non-contact method of removing oil, dust, rust, and coatings from the surface of the material without damaging the surface and in an environmentally friendly way. This 1064nm infrared pulsed laser cleaning system offers a maximum average power of 200W, which can be effectively used in mold cleaning, paint and coating removal, surface preparation for paint application and bonding, restoration, etc. This integrated system includes the laser system, laser cooling unit, and laser cleaning head.

Technical parameters:




1 064 nm

Laser bandwidth

≤ 20

Pulse frequency

1 – 4 000 kHz

Max. pulse energy

# 1,5 mJ

Pulse duration

2 – 500 ns

Power regulation range

10 – 100 %

Nonstability of the output power

≤ 5

Minimum bending radius of optical fiber

300 mm

Energy consumption

˂ 1300 W

Laser class


Laser head dimensions

327 x 105 x 100 mm

Transport case dimensions

685 x 538 x 411 mm

Length of optical cable

5 m

The device weight

60 kg

Cleaning area range (lens)

175×175 mm nebo 100×100 mm

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