Automated 3D measurement with high accuracy is now easy thanks to the AM-DESK (AutoMeasure-DESK) system. This system enables efficient and automated inspection of a wide range of parts weighing up to 100 kg like casting parts, plastic parts, etc. When the measurement is finished, AM-DESK compares the scanned 3D data with the original CAD model and creates an accurate inspection protocol. This significantly increases productivity.

AM-DESK is a synonym for innovation and safety. The whole system includes advanced control software, precision servo mechanisms, an integrated safety motion control system, software for detailed measurements and analysis, and software for SPC batch analysis. AM-DESK includes in the delivery the powerful FlexScan 3D software that ensures smooth interaction between the operator and the device. Thanks to the automatic calibration, AM-DESK guarantees reliable and accurate measurements non-stop.

As a safety in the first place, the AM-DESK system uses advanced safety features including serial emergency stops, visual and audio signaling devices for early warning of potential hazards, and a force limiter that can be adjusted using servo mechanisms. When paired with a collaborative robot, the AM-DESK system provides 10 levels of collision detection to immediately stop the robot in case of abnormalities or potential hazards.

How AM-DESK changes the game rules in the field of 3D measurement and increases production processes you can see in the video below. If you are interested in deploying the AM-DESK system in your operation, we will be happy to show you the AM-DESK system in action at our MEPAC headquarters in Třinec.

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