MELAI (MEPAC ENGRAVING LASER ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) is the first laser on the market that enables laser engraving to a dedicated depth independent of the type of material with the help of artificial intelligence ( AI ).
Are you interested in how it all works?
Artificial intelligence continuously measures and evaluates the depth of the engraved surface at one of the engraving points. Once the desired engraving depth is reached, the engraving process is automatically finished.
Of course, the device can also be used to measure an already engraved pattern and to engrave patterns to the same depth subsequently.
We can implement the MELAI system on different types of engraving lasers from our portfolio, and customize the entire device for you. Safety is very important in engraving, here where we recommend using the UNI-COVER system with a pneumatic door opening, which achieves the highest level of laser class 1 safety.
See more about MELAI below in the attached video.

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