The Tornado series is the latest generation of precision high-speed CMM (coordinate measuring machine) from the company Leader Metrology. It combines single-point scanning and analog scanning in one high-performance measuring machine which can be equipped with a contact and contactless probe system. The Y-axis is made from high-efficient granite and the X-axis and Z-axis are made from aviation-quality aluminum alloy, thus achieving the same character in terms of temperature and rigidity. The control system is from Renishaw and, as a high-speed servo drive measuring and control system, is characterized by an extremely high level of reliability and safety. This system is supporting analog sensing probes as well as other sensing systems such as touch-trigger sensing systems, contactless sensing systems, etc. The Renishaw probe system with which this CMM is equipped will provide you the excellent scanning accuracy and, last but not least, the best compactness and versatility of the scanning system in the world.
All of this is covered by the RATIONAL – DMIS software, which ranks among the top of its kind. With this software, you can easily create inspection programs, because the entire software is built very intuitively. RATIONAL-DMIS is also supporting the I ++ protocol, so you have the opportunity to connect RATIONAL DMIS with any CAD system that supports I ++.



NCT 454

NCT 686

NCT 8156

Strokes (X Y Z)

400 x 500 x 400 mm

600 x 800 x 600 mm

800 x 1500 x 600 mm

Measuring accuracy ISO 10360-2:2001/GB/T16857.2-2006

MPEE (µm): 2.1 + 3.3L / 1000 | MPEP (µm): 2.2

MPEE (µm): 2.1 + 3.3L / 1000 | MPEP (µm): 2.3

MPEE (µm): 2.1 + 3.3L / 1000 | MPEP (µm): 2.3

Overall size (X Y Z)

1000 x 1240 x 2240 mm

1200 x 1650 x 2660 mm

1400 x 2350 x 2660 mm

Work envelope (X Y Z)

525 x 995 x 600 mm

730 x 1400 x 800 mm

930 x 2100 x 800 mm


690 kg

973 kg

1620 kg

Part weight

500 kg

700 kg

1000 kg

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