Around 600 BC the famous philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer Thales of Miletus observed a very interesting phenomenon with the friction of the small piece of amber to the animal fur, or to the dry rag. By this, he was able to attract light objects such as straw or feathers. He couldn`t explain this phenomenon (it`s a pity he didn`t ask us in MEPAC 🙂 ). Today we know well that it was static electricity. The static electricity in the production process can make a big issue. Let`s take the example: The dust or dirt on the surface of materials, products before further processing like painting or finalization of the production. You know that every problem has a solution, and by static electricity, the problem solver is the Ionization. Ionizing solutions from MEPAC give you a comprehensive portfolio of products from the ionizing devices (ionizing guns, ionizing bars, ionizing air blowers, etc.), consultations, but also, for example, a custom robotic ionizing cell, which you can see in the video below.

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