Systems for mold opening and closing from MEPAC belong to our unique solutions that give you the unique possibility to open, close, and manipulate with different types of molds in a short time together with a high level of safety. These systems with a load capacity of up to 3 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons will find their application by repairs, maintenance, cleaning, preparation, and completion of molds for the production. The possibility to configure the entire system (with electric opening/closing, support plates, raised bases, etc.) will ensure the right system for the mold opening and closing for youThe principle of mold opening is very simple. Using the crane, just place the mold on both halves of the table with that one-half of the mold will lie on each half of the table. Afterward, by pulling tabletops apart, open the mold. After opening the mold, using the table brake you can rotate the table with half of the mold, which gives you the entire inner part of the mold available.

The main advantages of the mold opening systems are:
– high safety
– easy operation, manipulation, and training
– hard construction
– very sympathetic price
– configurations directly for your need
– the saving of the space and costs





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