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Current actions in MEPAC SK, s.r.o. against spreading of the virus COVID-19

To be here for our customers is the first priority for us and therefore, according to the current epidemiological situation, we have to establish a few actions so that we can provide you our services without interruption. One of the main most important measures are visits to MEPAC SK and entry into MEPAC SK. If you`re planning to visit us, please don’t forget to take a face mask and to plan your visit by us in advance. For more information regarding the current COVID-19 measures, please contact our team, who will provide you the more detailed information.
Thank you for understanding

Your MEPAC team 

Do you know what lapping is?

Lapping is a very fine finishing operation by us, where the surface (for example the mold surface) is smoothed by a abrasive together with using the right lapping tool. By lapping, the removal of material is featureless and the surface is abraded very slowly. Anyway, by choosing the right procedure, the right abrasive, and the right tool, we can achieve a surface with a quality of Ra=0,04 µm (surface abrasiveness in microns according to DIN 4766). If this procedure seems to be complicated for you, we can also help you with this and make a surface according to your requirements or the requirements of your customers. But what kind of special abrasives and tools to choose? Hmm, this you can find out in the article below 🙂

Polishing and lapping technology from MEPAC 

As we mentioned above in the article, you need a special abrasive and the right tool for lapping. Diamond pastes, lapping emulsions, and sprays are the right abrasives that we using at MEPAC for finishing operations. Using them, you can speed up the lapping process up to 2-5 times. Choosing the right lapping tool (lap wood, lap ring, etc.), you will enjoy the lapping when you`ll see what kind of a nice surface remains after lapping :-). Hmm, but which lap tool or paste will be the best for you? Not only for special abrasives and lapping tools but we also for everything is our professional staff here, who will always be glad to help you make the right choice.

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