The MEPAC Spa`s are also open during the holiday season


The holiday time is here, but what about your molds? They also need some relaxation. That is why also this year the MEPAC spa`s are open during the holiday time and will provide to your molds the best therapy procedures. A great family atmosphere awaits them, great music of various genres, but at first and foremost top staff who will take care of restoring the condition and beauty of every mold. 

EDM Sinking in MEPAC  


EDM Sinking is the machining of material in a dielectric environment by spark discharges between an electrode connected to the negative pole and material connected to the positive pole. Simplified, this process of electro erosive sinking copies the shape of the electrode into the workpiece. At MEPAC, we produce electrodes from graphite. Why graphite and not the copper? Graphite has 4 times lower thermal expansion than copper, which ensures better accuracy. It supports the production of thin-walled electrodes and the sparking of sharper edges. Big advantages are much lower density (graphite electrode is much lighter than copper), less wear, and the possibility of machining the electrode up to 4 times higher cutting speed, which shortens the length of electrode production. All these advantages are the most important and for precision, quality, speed, and low cost.


The Division of Collaborative Robotics at MEPAC is representing Soft-Gripping products 


There is no secret that we also help our customers in the field of the automation process, where we can design solutions that save time and costs. That`s why we`re very pleased to win the distribution and reselling of clever grippers for easy objects gripping from the Wegard GmbH

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