Where others have no possibility to laser, we able to laser well. 🙂

Thanks to the uniqueness of our laser technologies, we also use our laser welding services to repair various parts of automated robotic production lines, such as carriages or guide rails. These wear out over the life of the line but you don`t need to replace them with new ones. By using our experience and the uniqueness of laser technologies from MEPAC, we can be helpful for you and at the same time to save you considerable financial costs associated with the replacement.

You know that we`re precise and our planchettes are precise as well. Do you know why? 

Our wide range of precision underlay planchets is unique and a No.1 in the market that covers most of the needs of our customers. Our precision planchettes meet the thickness tolerance according to the international standard T3 (stainless steel with a thickness of 12.7 mm and 600/1000 mm according to DIN EN 9445). These tolerances are smaller than required by DIN EN 10 140 and EN 9445. Such high-quality precision planchettes guarantee high strength and hardness. We always have the most used planchettes (more than 600 products) available in more than 70 different thicknesses from 0.003 mm. The usability of precise planchettes is extremely high (all kinds of industries) and in many cases, as we say, “there are no limits to the fantasy” :-).

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